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Meeting the highly complex needs of the most disenfranchised, difficult, unusually complex, or dual diagnosis young people is challenging. Many of these young people aged up to 19 years old are viewed as ‘unplaceable’ and ‘unworkable’ for the majority of providers.

Other organisations or professionals are often unwilling to support these children or even know what to do with them. Their behaviours are sometimes dangerous to the public. They pose a high risk to themselves or they are at risk of serious harm from others.These young people have often suffered horrific abuse, endured many placement breakdowns and society has all but rejected them. Some also have a disability which further reduces their life chances.

Children and young people placed in care have often suffered severe trauma in their young lives. Often this has left them feeling angry, let down and very distrustful of adults. This is then displayed through anti-social and negative self-harming behaviours.

Working exclusively with Children’s Social Care, Local Education Authorities, CAMHS and other providers from all over the UK, we welcome enquiries from authorities nationwide looking to place young people.
New Forest Care was established by a committed, highly professional, multi-disciplinary group of child care practitioners who are all champions in their fields. The sole aim within the company is to make a real difference to the lives of children we work with. We have a high staff to young people ratio to ensure effective support at all times

We have a non-exclusion policy up to 16 years of age if accommodated under s.20 or 18 years if on a Full Care Order. When we accept children into our care we will not reject them.

In order to promote attachments and to ensure consistency of care we are committed to NOT using agency staff.
Specialist residential, education and therapeutic child care provider since June 2001.

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“I feel very proud to be part of it. I’ve got good colleagues, I’m well supported and resourced. You know that we’re looked at as doing a very good job. I think we do some amazing things here. That’s the great thing, seeing young people developing and achieving when their futures looked so bleak”