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Mission Statement

At New Forest Care we believe that the children and young people in our care have a right to have the very same things which we would demand for our own children;

A good education to equip them for the future, a positive sense of self-worth and confidence, be morally responsible, show the ability to integrate socially within the community, have good resilience and a sense of mastery, be in good physical and mental health, have the opportunity to play, learn and have fun, to feel valued and loved, to develop self-discipline, and to discover the ability to visualise a new positive life, both during their time in our care and for their lives following this -We care passionately about the health, welfare and education of all the young people placed with us. We all work hard to reduce any inequalities that they may encounter through our practice.

We also care passionately about the health, welfare and education of all of our staff. We believe that staff are our best resource and invest heavily in both support and training to further their individual professional practice and ensure their welfare.

We are committed to working in partnership with young people, parent(s) /carer(s), staff and other professionals to offer a safe and appropriate environment for the young people that we care for.

The therapeutic and treatment model which underpins all of our work is an attachment model. We strongly believe that through positive role modelling and the ‘parenting’ undertaken by the staff team, young people are facilitated to fully experience appropriate attachments. These relationships empower young people to build (possibly for the first time) a trusting relationship which impacts on all areas of their development and future progress. Young people develop the ability to self-regulate, which ensures effective management of their impulses and emotions, thereby reducing unsociable and harmful behaviours.

New Forest Care is committed to ensuring that diversity is celebrated and valued, while discrimination (whether direct or indirect) and disadvantage is continually challenged. Due regard is given to a young person’s particular needs, arising from their heritage, culture, or linguistic backgrounds. All the staff work to meet these needs positively, with care, consideration and sensitivity.

The services offered by New Forest Care are unique within the residential, mental health or educational child care fields – We build our bespoke services around the needs of the child as opposed to a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

Exceptional, positive outcomes for these young people became the ‘norm’. These outcomes are delivered through appropriate assessment, daily treatment plans, education and the high standards of care provided by our highly experienced, committed and qualified teams.

In order to promote attachments and to ensure consistency of care we are committed to not using agency staff.
New Forest Care has a non-exclusion policy in regard to children
(up to the age of 16 years if accommodated under s.20 or 18 years if on a Full Care Order) placed in our care, which means that once we have accepted a placement we will not terminate that placement.

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Investing In Our People

“I feel very proud to be part of it. I’ve got good colleagues, I’m well supported and resourced. You know that we’re looked at as doing a very good job. I think we do some amazing things here. That’s the great thing, seeing young people developing and achieving when their futures looked so bleak”