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Feedback From Young People & Professionals


“Luke is doing very well back at home. He has adopted new strategies, which he learnt whilst he was with New Forest Care for dealing better with life. I want to thank the team for this remarkable turnaround in Luke’s behaviour”

D.F. Commissioning Manager 2009

“I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all the staff involved at New Forest Care. The commitment and flexibility you have afforded has enabled us to establish consistent support for J”

C.D. Service Manager 2010


“I was impressed by the well-considered care and education that you are providing for our children. This placement seems to me to provide excellent care and education for the children who are placed there. B is happy there and is clearly developing well. I have looked carefully at B’s records and it seems that New Forest Care is being very successful when seen in the light of what was happening previously. While at New Forest Care B has not absconded at all, and he has not been in any trouble with the police.  It would also appear that he is calmer, happier, more reflective, less controlling/manipulative and more optimistic about the future.”

B.H. Educational Psychologist 2010


Young people have said:

“Staff are helping me get over my problems”   M. 2010

“Staff listen to me and help me”   K. 2010

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“I feel very proud to be part of it. I’ve got good colleagues, I’m well supported and resourced. You know that we’re looked at as doing a very good job. I think we do some amazing things here. That’s the great thing, seeing young people developing and achieving when their futures looked so bleak”