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Our Vision for New Forest Care

Our Vision

A new vision for New Forest Care is evolving

A progressive ten-year development plan has been discussed and agreed by all the Directors and New Forest Care is preparing to commence an exciting new phase in the company’s history.

Given the collective skills, talent, operational and management expertise that are already present in the business, it is a relatively straightforward exercise to pinpoint the obvious growth opportunities that clearly exist for the business.

The simple version of the New Forest Care strategic development plan is simply to ‘do more of what we are already doing well’. Continuing to develop existing areas of business where they are already successful, growing volume in services within sectors that they are already established and highly acclaimed.

Developing the business in this way is considered to be a very low-risk strategy.

It’s a strategic plan that is more about leveraging and expanding existing assets – market knowledge, sector experience and operational understanding – and then commencing a steady process of growing this asset base, incrementally and sustainably.

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Investing In Our People

“I feel very proud to be part of it. I’ve got good colleagues, I’m well supported and resourced. You know that we’re looked at as doing a very good job. I think we do some amazing things here. That’s the great thing, seeing young people developing and achieving when their futures looked so bleak”