Care Homes


Our Residential Care Homes

Care Homes

New Forest Care operates eight residential Registered Children’s Home providing accommodation for up to 26 young people.

LL – Solo provision home
WFH – Accommodates up to 4 young people
MF – Accommodates up to 4 young people
HD – Accommodates up to 4 young people
BL – Accommodates up to 3 young people
OLL – Accommodates up to 4 young people
RC – Accommodates up to 4 young people
HL – Accommodates up to 3 young people

The homes are situated in a variety of locations, both rural and urban within the New Forest, each located within an approximate ten-mile radius of our head office. These properties have been carefully acquired and converted to meet the safety requirements of the young people.

Each home is carefully selected to ensure adequate support can be provided quickly in emergency situations by the on call managers, whilst ensuring they are not too close together, reducing the likelihood of young people absconding from one home and attempting to round up other young people.

All home are maintained to a high standard, with good quality furniture and fixtures. The maintenance programme ensures the home comply with health and safety legislation and good practice requirements. All the homes operate above the legally required fire safety installations.

Two of the homes have been subdivided. This enables the house to be run as two distinctly separate homes (whilst maintaining the one Ofsted registration) or opened up and used as one home. This allows for greater flexibility with regards to placements that may be accepted, whilst maintaining the safety of the children already in care.

No Agency Staff

In order to promote attachments and to ensure consistency of care we are committed to NOT using agency staff.

Delivering Positive Outcomes

Through appropriate assessment, daily treatment plans and education delivered by highly experienced, committed and qualified teams, exceptional positive outcomes for the young people at New Forest Care have become the ‘normal’.

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