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4 Bed Care Home

MF - New Forest Care


MF is an independent residential children’s home established to provide a safe and secure environment, catering for young people of who have complex emotional, behavioural and educational difficulties. MF specialises in the treatment of more challenging individuals, those who pose a specific risk to themselves and/ or the community, whose placements elsewhere have broken down, or are at risk of permanent exclusion.

MF is a large detached home, which is set in a semi-rural location, a short distance away from the nearest town of Southampton. It is situated in a reasonably quiet area and is well maintained. The nearest train station is Totton which is less than 2 miles away. Local amenities are also a short distance away, which include shops, sporting and leisure facilities.

The property has very pleasant, light and spacious rooms, furnished to a high standard. The kitchen has recently been refurbished, with fitted units and a good range of equipment for use by young people. There is a separate dining room within a conservatory, leading from the kitchen, which overlooks the large enclosed rear garden, which can be used as a safe play area.

An independent flat is attached to the main house and is provided with independent cooking, laundry, bathroom, 1 bedroom, and lounge and garden facilities.  The level of integration with the main house is dependent upon the ability of each resident and suitability.  The resource can be used as a transition facility for young people experiencing some form of reintegration into the community, or to allow a full assessment of their needs to take place.

MF is set up to accommodate up to four young people of either sex, up to 18 years old in an emergency, respite or planned basis.

These will include complex young people who may be destructive, show violence and aggression towards others, self-harm, have certain diagnosed psychiatric or psychological disorders, be sexually abusive, have an addiction, abscond, have an eating disorder, be involved with criminal activities, have special needs (ADHD, ASD, SLD, MLD, EBD), are exceptionally vulnerable or other similar conditions.  Certain disabilities (such as hearing impairments) or dual diagnosis can also be well catered for.

Each resident has their own bedroom, which is appropriately furnished, comfortable, welcoming and large enough to house a study desk, television and personal belongings. Children and young people are encouraged to bring their own possessions, such as stereo, television, cherished toys or artefacts of sentimental value.

There is a computer available, with supervised access to the internet.

No Agency Staff

In order to promote attachments and to ensure consistency of care we are committed to NOT using agency staff.

Delivering Positive Outcomes

Through appropriate assessment, daily treatment plans and education delivered by highly experienced, committed and qualified teams, exceptional positive outcomes for the young people at New Forest Care have become the ‘normal’.

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