Our Assessment Process


Prior to any planned placement, New Forest Care engages in an intensive process to research the background of the young person concerned. This allows the operational care team to prepare appropriately for the potential placement. The process includes:

  • A number of interviews with the young person by the Consultant Psychotherapist.
  • A number of interviews with the young person by the identified care home manager/ head of care.
  • Interview with significant carers/others.
  • Visits to previous care placement.
  • Reading and research of social services full case files.
  • Reading and research of medical notes back to birth.
  • Identification and training of bespoke staff group.
  • Preparation of Home environment.

NFC will design and deliver a bespoke transition plan, aimed at ensuring as smooth a transition as possible to the new identified care home. This includes:

A number of visits by the young person’s care home manager. A day visit for the young person to the identified care home:

  • To meet key staff
  • To visit main offices
  • Working Farm
  • Familiarization with local area
  • To help choose bedroom decor/furnishings
  • Overnight stay at identified care home
  • Possible weekend stay at identified care home

Assessment Models

New Forest Care offers four distinct categories of assessment. Each assessment period is 7 weeks in placement. An additional one off fee is charged for pre placement investigation and transition work. All placements are subject to an assessment. It is not to determine whether the child stays, but to identify the exact resources and levels required to construct the on-going care, education and therapy plan within New Forest Care.

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A Non-Exclusion Policy

New Forest Care has a non-exclusion policy in regard to children (up to the age of 16 years if accommodated under s.20 or 18 years if on a Full Care Order) placed in our care.

This means that once we have accepted a placement we will not terminate that placement.