Staff Training

Investing In Our Team

Staff Training

Members of staff are very carefully selected to ensure the highest possible standard of care is given to residents. They are required to have the experience and qualifications (or are working towards them) within child care, appropriate to meet the needs of young people placed in our care. All recruitment procedures comply fully with relevant legislation and good practice.Employment at New Forest Care follows an intense interview and recruitment process, which includes a 2-day induction and a closely monitored three months probation period.

New Forest Care values its 118 person strong staff team and believes in promoting their continuous professional development.

Staff development is an on-going process with each member of staff having a personal development plan, specific to their learning needs and past experience.

All staff undertake a comprehensive induction training package. This includes areas such as:

  • Company Ethos and working practices
  • Safeguarding Children (and child sexual exploitation training)
  • Cycles of abuse, grooming etc
  • Children Act (including prohibited measures)
  • National Minimum Standards
  • Data Protection / confidentiality
  • Human Rights
  • Care Planning
  • Risk Assessments
  • Food Hygiene
  • First Aid
  • Child Development
  • Attachment and loss
  • Health & Safety
  • Fire Prevention
  • Managing behaviours
  • Positive handling (TEAM TEACH)
  • Administering Medication
  • Complaints
  • Issues of race, ethnicity, religion and culture
  • Issues of sexuality
  • Recording
  • HIV awareness
  • Communicating with Children
  • Back awareness
  • 2 day team building

Probationary staff are supported by the Quality Assurance Manager and their home’s Registered manager.


Advanced training delivered either in house or via the Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist enables individual team members to develop specialist skills, including:

  • British Sign Language
  • Autism
  • Mental health
  • Deliberate self- harm
  • Therapeutic models
  • Therapeutic parenting
  • Attachment (5 modules)


All staff are expected to undertake the Diploma in childcare. Managers are required to have level 5 Diploma in Leadership (or equivalent).

For all new placements, specific training is delivered to the core staff team about the individual young person and their presenting issues. Full background information is researched and shared, with clinical guidance provided to the team on the way they are required to engage with the young person, as well as the specific work to be achieved.

New Forest Care suffers from low sickness and accident levels. This is in part to do with the ethos within the organisation. An analysis recently undertaken identified the cost benefit of increased staff training and high levels of supervision were partially attributable to this low level of sickness and accidents.

Staff turnover at New Forest Care is exceptionally low.

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A Non-Exclusion Policy

New Forest Care has a non-exclusion policy in regard to children (up to the age of 16 years if accommodated under s.20 or 18 years if on a Full Care Order) placed in our care.

This means that once we have accepted a placement we will not terminate that placement.