Bespoke Follow On Support


New Forest Care provides bespoke follow on accommodation and support within the community for young people aged 16+ with high support or complex needs. Although 16-18 year olds can be accommodated in our Children’s Homes there is often the need for a transition period.

Outreach projects are designed, after extensive transition planning, to support young people once the time has come for them to leave the Children’s Home and become more independent.

Bespoke Staff teams are set up and will involve key members of staff the young person has built up positive attachments with. Individual properties are secured and a tailored service is planned for within the community to support their needs.

At this stage this is likely to include supporting the young person in attending College, taking part in training programmes, attending work experience or maintaining paid or voluntary employment placements.

As the term suggest, Outreach projects provide the young people with opportunities to venture out into the wider community but where they are still supported in accordance with their specific needs.

Outreach provides a structured, supportive platform from which the young people can develop more independence and learn to make their own informed decisions and choices and start shaping their own future.

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A Non-Exclusion Policy

New Forest Care has a non-exclusion policy in regard to children (up to the age of 16 years if accommodated under s.20 or 18 years if on a Full Care Order) placed in our care.

This means that once we have accepted a placement we will not terminate that placement.