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Residential Care

Safe, supportive and nurturing environments for every child

Providing the very best possible care to each child or young person we look after is what we are passionate about and is at the heart of everything we do. We tailor our services to the individual and holistic needs of each child or young person to deliver a safe, nurturing, supportive and homely environment where children can thrive and develop to their potential – socially, emotionally and educationally.

Attachment is fundamental to our work and the many positive outcomes we achieve, and as such we NEVER use agency staff. Within a safe and stable environment with positive role modelling and unconditional care, young people are able to build trusting and meaningful relationships with adults, which impacts on all areas of their development and future progress. A key part of this is our non-exclusion policy for children (up to the age of 18 if placed on a Full or Interim Care Order or to 16 years if Accommodated under Section-20 Children Act) where no placements are terminated by us.

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Everything we do is aimed at supporting individuals to reach their potential and to progress socially, emotionally and behaviorally in order to develop the necessary skills to function as successfully as possible within society. All of our children face special challenges and whatever they may be we are there to guide, support and encourage each step of the way.

We operate by assessment, bespoke treatment plans (encompassing social, education, emotional, physical and mental health needs), delivered by highly experienced, committed and qualified staff using therapeutic parenting techniques, teachers, therapists and health and mental health professionals, so that we can achieve the best possible outcomes.

Our high quality homes are safe, welcoming homely environments and can support single occupancy through to single sex or mixed gender homes for up to 4 people.  We want all our children and young people to feel ‘at home’ and to be involved in decision making within their home.

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