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The therapeutic and treatment model which underpins all of our work is an attachment model.

We strongly believe that through positive role modelling and the therapeutic ‘parenting’ provided by the team, the young people in our care are able to fully experience appropriate attachments.

These relationships empower young people to build (possibly for the first time) a trusting relationship which impacts on all areas of their development and future progress

A securely attached child or young person learns trust and reciprocity, which serves as a template for all future emotional relationships. It allows them to explore their environment with feelings of safety and security, which leads to healthy cognitive and social development.

Children and young people develop the ability to self-regulate, which ensures effective management of their impulses and emotions, thereby reducing unsociable and harmful behaviours.

A secure attachment with our carers, acting as therapeutic parents enables children and young people to also gain empowering feelings of self-worth and develop a better balance between dependence and autonomy. We believe that it enables their pro social moral framework to be developed, where empathy and compassion towards others is developed. By working closely with the child or young person this also provides a defence, resourcefulness and resilience against current and future stressors and trauma.

At New Forest Care there is a strong commitment to deliver exceptional quality practice, to ensure positive outcomes are a matter of course for all children and young people placed in our care.

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Delivering Positive Outcomes

Through appropriate assessment, daily treatment plans and education delivered by highly experienced, committed and qualified teams, exceptional positive outcomes for the young people at New Forest Care have become the ‘normal’.

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