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A Warm welcome from the directors

New Forest Care was established in June 2001 to provide a bespoke and unique residential childcare service to children and young people with complex needs; social, emotional, mental health and behavioural. All long term placements (over 90 days) are underpinned by ongoing access to appropriate treatment plans via our dedicated team of Therapy, Health, and Mental Health professionals, and care delivery is based on the theory and practice of attachment utilising Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy and PACE to therapeutically engage young people.

Our education facility has been developed over time and we now have a registered school which is spread over three sites as well as a farm. Recent developments include an Outdoor Learning Centre, which encompasses a Forest School and another small farm. Our Education service also accepts day students who are not in our care.

We also offer planned crisis placements of up to 90 days within our outward bounds service. Placements are intended to be short term to allow the young person time away from the crisis they are experiencing or local authority time to find a suitable long-term placement. Our aim is to change children’s futures for the better and the directors and staff at New Forest


Care remain dedicated to providing unconditional care to the most vulnerable children and young people. Our approach is flexible and adaptable, working in partnership with local authorities and parent/s carer/s. We are advocates of our children and young people and their safety and well-being is at the centre of our decision making.

We are proud of the outcomes achieved over the years and of the fact that the majority of the young people we have looked after keep in touch after their placement ends, with many also coming to visit.

On behalf of the directors, we welcome you to New Forest Care.

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Our young people’s mental health needs are supported by a team of dedicated Mental Health Care professionals; these include a Consultant Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist, two CAMHS experienced Registered Mental Health Nurses and an Occupational Therapist. Many young people we work with have at some point been in contact with mental health services such as CAMHS.


Most of the children in our care have backgrounds where they intrinsically feel and experience the World as a fearful place, including the adults in it. They experience feelings of hopelessness about their futures, and an inability to identify and manage their emotions.

The therapeutic and treatment model that underpins our work is the attachment model. We believe that through positive role modelling and ‘therapeutic parenting’ provided by staff to the children in our care, they are able to develop and experience positive relationships.


“To the New Forest Care Team,
We want to express our gratitude for everything that you’ve helped us achieve for the Summer Festival at St James’ Park on the 6 July 2019!
With love, Friends of St James’ Park”

Friends of St James’ Park Charity

Friends of St James’ Park Charity

July 2019

“Wow what a lovely email to receive !
We will pass the message on to R ! We are exceptionally proud of him too !
If you had told me 18 months ago he would be doing performing in front of a crowd I would have told you it wasn’t possible!
Please pass all our love and thanks on to all staff for their continued support of our R and thank you all so much for giving us back “our son” we lost him for a while but with the incredible efforts of all staff (and of course R!)
We are finally able to have him back x
Have a great summer and thank you again”



24 July 2019

“I wanted to get in touch to wish you all a very happy summer and thank you for everything you’ve helped ACoRNS [the Autism Community Research Network @Southampton] to achieve over the past year. We’ve seen one of our students win a University prize for the impact of her work, been awarded some more money from the University to continue our innovative Digital Stories work next year, put in place some excellent projects at New Forest School focusing on student voice, and seen our first ACoRNS Doctorate by Chantelle Zilli. We congratulate Dr C for all her hard work, and the New Forest Care team for supporting her so brilliantly. We are very much looking forward to continuing our partnership next year.

Sarah Parsons – Professor of Autism and Inclusion Southampton Education School, University of Southampton

Sarah Parsons – Professor of Autism and Inclusion Southampton Education School, University of Southampton

July 2019

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