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Prior to accepting a young person into our care, New Forest Care will gather as much initial background information as possible and will need to meet the young person. This is to ensure that we have the required resources to support them effectively, that they are a good match alongside others already placed within the home (if not in a solo home) and identify if they are able to engage with the therapeutic practice we provide.

If all is well, we would then formally make the placement offer and if accepted by the local authority, commence a bespoke transition plan in line with their needs.


As with all long – term placements, we will undertake a comprehensive assessment of the young person’s needs once they are placed. The purpose of the assessment is to clearly identify what their specific needs are and, exactly what resources are required to devise their ongoing care, education and therapy placement with us.

We also assess the levels and type of therapy best suited to them, if continued mental health oversight is required, levels and gender for optimum staffing, whether on-going shared or sole occupancy is needed and if any additional resources are required at school for example. The ongoing fee rates are based on their assessed needs and identified resources required to meet these.

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The holistic assessments are not to determine whether they remain in our care, as that would have already been agreed prior to their placement commencing with us.

The assessments will likely include (unless very recently had a comprehensive one, which has been shared with us):

  • Mental health assessment undertaken by our Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist.
  • Educational assessment completed by the Educational Psychologist
  • Therapeutic needs assessment prepared by our Psychotherapist.
  • Initial Health Assessment by our senior Registered Mental Health Nurse.
  • Care & life skills assessment compiled by the Registered Manager and their care team.
  • School Assessment undertaken by our SENCO.

Additional assessments are available if required including SAVRY, AIM2, OT, Speech and Language and Looked After Child Medical.

New Forest Care maintains high staff to young people ratios in order to ensure appropriate support and supervision is consistently and constantly maintained and delivered. We do not use agency workers as it is contrary to the therapeutic attachment model we work within.


As part of the assessment, full research may be undertaken if required. The level of research, is dependent on the amount of background/historical information and previous assessments shared by the local authority at the time of placement. If insufficient comprehensive information is available, research undertaken may include interviews with family/significant people and professionals in the young person’s life and or the reading of case notes within social care/education offices.

From this, the bespoke staff team are hand selected for the ongoing project and they are trained specifically in the young person’s presentation, their history and risks, usually prior to them being placed (time permitting).

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We believe it is the comprehensive pre-admission process which helps to make the placements effective and ensure we can maintain our non-exclusion policy, which is key to the young person’s stability and development.


New Forest Care will design and deliver a bespoke transition plan, aimed at ensuring as smooth a transition as possible to the new identified care home. Discussions will be held with the young person’s social worker and parents (if involved), to gather everyone’s views and plan accordingly. The exact content and timings will vary according to the needs of the young person and may include:

  • A number of visits by the young person’s care home manager and key staff team.
  • A day visit for the young person to the home, school, farm and local area.
  • Possible Overnight and weekend stay at the identified care home.