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New Forest School

New Forest School is a non-selective independent school from 9 – 19 years. The school provides tailored educational packages for day students with a statement of special educational needs and residents of New Forest Care. We operate a full time teaching day from 9.00am till 3.30pm.

All teaching and learning activities are supervised by an appropriately qualified and experienced member of staff. Each subject within the curriculum must clearly illustrate the use of differentiation that will be of benefit to those students requiring learning support, including those students who are academically able. The whole curriculum as approved by the Directors is concerned with the holistic needs of all the students.

The school is committed to providing the valuable opportunities of the National Curriculum, with an emphasis on the development of positive attitudes toward learning and the necessary skills involved. The National Curriculum is seen as stimulating, challenging and enriching but is often limited in its immediate relevancy to meeting student’s needs.

New Forest School seeks to provide a ‘Curriculum of Opportunity’ that addresses both individual needs and the entitlement to the whole school curriculum. New Forest School also delivers AQA (GCSE entry level & functional skills), APT (formally NOCN), OCR, ASDAN, NVQ’s in two vocational courses and Duke of Edinburgh Award to enhance the student learning experience.

There is a ‘performing arts’ studio at the school where students can learn a musical instrument as well as have their pieces of music recorded in the recording studio. New Forest School has also built up close working relationships with several local colleges, to allow students access to further education, whilst being supported by staff.

  • New Forest School is a highly successful Independent school with fantastic outcomes for students with complex needs. The school offers an excellent range of extra-curricular activities and a strong ethos of good behaviour. It is a great place to learn and a great place to work
  • The school community provides a caring and considerate ethos in which all students and staff are respected and valued. In particular, the school values parental partnerships and operates an open door policy to aid effective communication with parents and carers
  • Staff are there to listen and advocate if there is a need. They provide links to the wider community where students have the opportunity to practice their new skills in safety.
  • The school offers individualised curriculums to enable all students to succeed and progress educationally and emotionally. It is our aim to ensure that students don’t just progress, they are given the educational and emotional support required to reach their full potential


In a safe and secure environment New Forest School supports and guides the students, engages them in life-long learning experiences, and builds their capacity to make a positive contribution to society.


The aims of the school are to:

  • Support, promote and re-engage students in learning so that they may achieve their full academic and personal potential
  • Welcome each student into a caring, safe community which celebrates individual talents, praises achievement and effort and provides for individual needs
  • Teach respect for the beliefs and opinions of others
  • Promote positive behaviour amongst the students and to help them make a positive contribution to society
  • Guide the students towards social and economic independence
  • Provide a safe, secure and stable base for the students and to help protect them from harm
  • Support and promote the health of the students


Our ethos is represented by a set of values we hope to instil in each of our students, and which is modelled by every member of staff working at the school.

“There are many strengths in the quality of teaching, including good specialist

subject knowledge, a good grasp of theneeds of students with complex special

education needs, strong relationships and high expectations.”

                                                                                                                                       Ofsted, July 2012

New Forest School have an exceptional track record of engaging young people who are either school phobic, have not attended any education for a substantial period of time or have been excluded elsewhere.

Outcomes are exceptional, due to the flexibility of approach, creativity and individual tailored programmes in place.

This state of the art school provides tuition for individuals or very small groups.

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