I am writing to speak about the amazing experience I had at New Forest School Farm.
I attended New Forest School Farm between the years of 2014 and 2016. I already loved animals (and still do!) so it was brilliant that I got the opportunity to help out on the farm, plus gain a qualification from it. I am now able to put this on my CV as work experience which is helpful when applying to jobs.

There was a variety of activities I could get involved in. I learned many new skills beyond basic animal care such as building animal accommodation and helping sick or injured animals. It helped me find my passion in life. I gained a lot of knowledge on animal care which is still what I would like to pursue as a long-term career.
The farm was beneficial to me in lots of different ways. I believe animals are a great form of therapy and going to the farm helped me when I wasn’t feeling my best. It also gave me structure to my days and routine, which has helped me later in life. Furthermore, I was able to complete my BTEC Animal Care certificate which I am very pleased to have received a distinction in. The staff working on the farm were fantastic in all aspects and highly knowledgable on animal care.

When I moved away, the farm was definitely the one thing I missed the most. After leaving New Forest School I continued working on a farm closer to home as a volunteer. I did this for almost two years and still help out now in my free time. I also went on to complete a dog grooming course at Kingston Maurward College. I don’t believe I would have continued with my passion for animal care had I not gained prior skills, enthusiasm and confidence at New Forest School Farm.

I have been back to visit New Forest School Farm and their newly built second farm, which looks incredible. New Forest Care will continue to support me in completing my Level 3 BTEC.

Overall, going to New Forest School Farm has had a massive positive impact on my current life. It gave me motivation and helped determine what I want to do with my future. I think every school should have a farm because it has so many benefits to children and young people. The fact that they are expanding the farm and incorporating a wider variety of animals and activities is amazing.

I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to attend New Forest School Farm.