Excerpts from ‘Outstanding’ Ofsted Full Inspection of registered Children’s Home

Young people regularly receive an excellent level of highly focussed care, which results in them achieving excellent progress. This approach begins at the referral stage when a meticulous approach to admissions helps ensure that optimum decisions are made both for potential new young people and for existing ones.

A particular strength of the home is its focus on maintaining and restoring positive contact between young people and their families.  Some parents are very aware of the positive role the home has played, and one parents said, “They have shown great professionalism and gone the extra mile.”

Staff and managers rightly pride themselves on creating a home environment that is as non-institutional, friendly and relaxed as possible and this contributes strongly to the usually positive home environment.

This home is run by a very experienced home manager who is highly ambitious for all of the young people to achieve excellent outcomes.  He is tenacious in achieving these and is very creative in ensuring success at all levels.

The staff team communicates regularly and well with other agencies and a social worker commented that she, ”can’t rate their care highly enough”.  Young people benefit strongly from the range of professional expertise that surrounds them in the wider organisation, for example education and skills opportunities and a wide variety of inputs to assess and improve emotional health.  The registered manager and staff ensure that young people receive the best possible bespoke package from these available opportunities, and this gives young people excellent chances for future success.’