“We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to the staff members at New Forest Care for their professionalism and humanity in providing care to our dear daughter R.

Naturally, as R’s parents, we were profoundly concerned for her welfare and sick with worry that she was placed so far away from us in an area and with people that neither she nor we knew.

The staff and her therapist have respected R’s wishes and feelings to have contact with us and also recognised that this was of fundamental importance to R’s welfare, the paramount consideration of the Children’s Act 1989.

The staff and her therapist undertook tremendous efforts to arrange, supervise and facilitate contact between R and us, and from the outset the staff were respectful to us as R’s parents, warm, friendly and welcoming to us and very hospitable to us and clearly dedicated to building a relationship with us, all of which has contributed immensely to R making a speedy recovery from the suffering caused to her by being forced into care by the County Council. After our first visit to the Home and meeting with staff members, it gave us peace of mind to know that until R could return home that at least she was cared for by the staff members who have clearly helped and restored R to fulfil her wishes and feelings to be reunited with us back in her life-long family home.

In addition to successfully reuniting R with us (with outstanding contribution by her therapist) and properly planning out her transition back to her family home, New Forest care and its staff at the Home have provided an excellent care and support package to R in respect of her education, medical treatment, emotional needs and independence.

We will always be grateful to the staff at the Home for their outstanding help, support and care provided to R and for their excellent working relationship with us, all of which was centred entirely on R’s welfare”.