I am really grateful for the support RC and the school have given C recently with her being worried about her older brother. It is certainly not an easy situation with her brothers mental health being so bad and a pending court case. I can not fault the care and support that C has always been given. There’s been the occasional issue whereby a particular member of staff has dealt with situations with C. It could have been handled differently with a little bit more thought on how C reacts. Also certain comments said to her regarding how she will progress once she moves back home. The comments were not needed as it wasn’t positive for her and certainly hasn’t helped C’s confidence or self esteem. She was told that she will no doubt return to old habits by not leaving the house and end up refusing to go to college or drop out. I would have appreciated more positive comments to boost C’s confidence in moving forward. Perhaps it was just a lapse of judgment by the staff member and a passing comment but it obviously did upset her as she wouldn’t have told me otherwise.

Activities or outings have always been fabulous from the RC, with what is on offer or available to C. She’s really enjoyed them all even ones that have pushed her out of her comfort zone. I was always concerned about the way the RC had pushed C when she first joined because I was worried about her getting upset & struggling but saw it helped her in the long run. The difference in not being able to do such a thing at home is I’m the only one that’s supporting her where as at the RC there’s at least two members of staff available to deal with any fall out. They also aren’t as emotionally attached.

C has grown into an amazing mature, kind and considerate young person and I will always be truly grateful to NFC for all the help and support and time they have given C to help her become such a person.

I’m so proud of how C has dealt with her exams recently. Knowing how anxious she was and how she’s always struggled with school work let alone sitting in exam conditions and the pressure of completing them.

Again I believe this is down to the support RC and the school have given her and how she has been encouraged to do her best regardless. I can not ask any more of her!

The accommodation that the RC offers is outstanding. I have always been very impressed how the setting is made as homely as possible like a family home. I love the pictures around the property of the children there and staff it gives a wonderful sense of a big family.

I know C has always been a picky eater but the majority of the time an alternative has been offered if she really doesn’t like it and I believe C has tried a few dishes that she wouldn’t normally have eaten and surprised herself that she enjoys it. She is more aware now of some foods she shouldn’t over indulge in especially her addiction to mayonnaise which has reduced dramatically. She doesn’t try and help herself to food at home now either she limits herself to dinner times etc with the occasional treat.

The RC staff have always been really accommodating whenever there has been an issue with Cs trains for her return journey to RC. They have gone out of their way to ensure she gets back safely and timely for school the following day.

C is really looking forward to coming home for good next month though I am sure she will really miss all the staff some whom have been with her during her whole journey at NFC. She doesn’t have any friends outside NFC and I know that will cause some uncertainty until she starts college as to how she will react once home. I do have some concerns that she will spend too much time shut away in her room or the house. Though we encourage her constantly. Hopefully she will make new friends that help her continue to be such an amazing young person.

I would like to thank everyone at NFC especially RC for all that you have done whether it be push her boundaries, give her a talking to or just a hug! She wouldn’t be who she is without you.

Thank you!!

Best wishes for all the future adventures you all pursue and the lucky children that get an opportunity like C has over the last few years”.