“I don’t have the email addresses for all the leaders at the school so please pass this on to those who are missing.

As the parent of a child with significant needs I’ve spent many years challenging and complaining to various authorities and agencies in order to get S the help she needs. It’s therefore a great pleasure to write to you with feedback about S’s amazing tutor K.

From day 1 of working with S, K has gone to extraordinary lengths to help her. She checks in with me every single day with a genuine desire to understand how she can best help S get through another school day. As a result S has a fantastic bond with K and is motivated to go to school knowing she will be supported. S often tells me that she has something on her mind but will tell K (not me) about it when she gets to school.

In all the years of S’s tumultuous education I have never come across an individual so dedicated and successful in working with S. Not only that, but K’s compassion extends to supporting me as a parent in a way I’ve never experienced. For one so young she shows incredible maturity, dedication and passion for her work. She’s an absolute gem.

I don’t expect that any of this comes as a surprise to hear but I think it’s important that I let you know how special this staff member is and how valued she is to our family. Her unwavering positivity in the face of the daily challenges is not taken for granted and we will be forever thankful.”