“Please accept our sincere thanks for the excellent support and hard work provided by N.F.C in general since A joined your facility, and mainly I would like to take this opportunity and thank Mr M for his effort and excellent communication and mediation when it gets to arranging for our visit and everything else, also for his professionalism and presentation in Lac Review Meetings, also many thanks for Mr J for his attitude high level of experience when he speaks with myself or my wife whether on the phone or in person.

I would like to describe for a bit my experience with NFC and what maybe made me think this way.
The way NFC pay respect to our culture/Tradition and Faith.

The way NFC staff recognised A as a troubled Young man who need help instead of seeing him with a price tag number who generate money.

The way NFC care for A and fulfill his need.

The way NFC staff we met respect and welcome us when we visit.

And whenever we called NFC, staff in general always pick the phone up even if they on annual leave and they make sure our message passed to whoever on duty.

To be honest my list could go on forever and I wish we can thank you enough for accepting A early this year and for your hospitality ever since, which now I can say yes A saw that the grass greener on the other side and not what he experienced on his previous placement.

Please pass our warm thank you and appreciation to xxxxxx and all the rest I missed their names.
Many Thanks again to all of you guys”.